Producer's Blog

WWHL's Segment Producer sounds off on the wild week that was. 

on Oct 26, 2012

Hey guys! It's Melissa, Segment Producer on the wacky WWHL team. What a week for my first blog! The show was filled with Lap-Band survivors, 1970's crotches, Zoila, and lots and lots of blue cheese dressing! I'd like to point out that NOBODY will ever be able to write that exact same sentence about their job and THAT is why I love working on this batsh*t crazy show! 

It turns out that our Producers' office is filled with October and November babies and this week we celebrated John Hill's and Robyn's birthdays! I've never been part of a team that loves to celebrate birthdays so much and I LOVE it! We've been recycling this Happy Birthday banner around the office for the past three weeks now and it seems to be holding up pretty well (until tonight when everybody gets wasted in the Clubhouse after the show and someone rips it down). 

Anthony Lella our ever so charming Beyonce obsessed Production Coordinator is always happy to be in charge of figuring out what types of treats we are going to surprise the birthday boy/girl with and John Hill's Birthday Tart was as original as you can get. It basically looked like a big gold penis with shiny fruit around it. A-MAZ-ING