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WWHL's Segment Producer sounds off on the wild week that was. 

on Oct 26, 2012

And what would a Monday night be without some vintage celeb crotches! Yep, we wanted to make Scott Baio's first visit to the Clubhouse a memorable one so we decided to make him feel super comfortable and have him identify celebrity crotches from the past. Not creepy at all! This game was actually a last minute change. Zara and John Jude were trying to think of something that rhymed with Scott's old TV show title "Joanie Loves Chachi" so they came up with "Andy Loves Crotchy!!" which made all of us LOL for about 2 minutes straight in the office. Just another example of our funny way of coming up with games, title first, game second. Surprisingly enough Scott was a good sport and knew just about EVERY crotch we showed him!

Two things we all walked away with on Scott Baio night...

1. He knows his crotches

2. His wife likes to tweet ;)

Zoila Chavez = Magic

I never get star struck but there is one person that I've been waiting to see face to face at the Clubhouse forever and that is everyones favorite Bravolebrity, Zoila! As I saw her walk towards me in the control room she was exactly how I imagined her...cute as a freakin' button!! She was walking around in her sparkly flats until she had to put on her big girl shoes for the show. Our Talent Producers said that she was so cute when they were prepping her and she just could NOT stop talking about her "Jeffrey." Awwwww!