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WWHL's Segment Producer sounds off on the wild week that was. 

on Oct 26, 2012

Toss!!! That!!! Salad!!!

When I first thought of this game title I had no idea how the game would actually play out and I wasn't even going to pitch it because I thought it may be a little too dirty (apparently John Jude and Deirdre have pegged me as the team "Creep"). I decided to pitch it anyway. As soon as I sent my email my Supervising Producer John Jude whispered over to me and fist pumped the title "TOSS! THAT! SALAD!!!" After that I had a feeling we had a game for our Life After Top Chef guys. To make the game super simple we decided to do the logical thing and just have the players spray a sh*t load of salad dressing at each other. We had less than five minutes to set up the game during commercial break so everyone was running around trying to prep the game exactly how we rehearsed it. Everything went according to plan except for the fact that I tripped over the tarp on the floor and fell right into Chef Jen. Andy's eyes widened and stared as Jen and I tried to stay on our feet. We survived and laughed it off. Andy kept saying that HE felt sick after the game and we figured out why. The stentch of salad dressing filled the studio and eventually made its way to the control room for us all to enjoy. Disgusting!

Unfortunately for our adorable cameraman Carlos, the blue cheese dressing caught some air and landed on his cute little face. Poor  guy!!