Producer's Blog

WWHL's Segment Producer sounds off on the wild week that was. 

on Oct 26, 2012

OK, so the epic moment of this week happened in the conrol room on Toss! That! Salad! night. You would think that if someone was going to fall on their ass it was going to be Richard or Spike during the game since they were drenched in salad dressing. NOPE.

That is our Director Sarah! Why is she on the floor? How did she get there? Is she OK? We were wondering all of these things, but what we were most concerned about was who was going to capture this moment best on their cell phone!? After taking about a dozen pictures of poor Sarah on the floor we made sure she was OK and continued to laugh our asses off. We still have no idea why Sarah fell off her chair. And I'm pretty sure she still has no clue either. It just happened and we are not going to dwell on the specifics because it made all of us leave the Clubhouse with huge smiles on our faces.