Producer's Blog

WWHL's Associate Producer describes her wild week of housewives and prank calls.

on Oct 18, 2012

Hello! This is Lindsey, Associate Producer, reporting from the Bravo Clubhouse. My how this week started off with a dramatic bang! Between the RHONJ reunion Sunday, the RHONY reunion Monday, and none other than Jill Zarin in the clubhouse Monday night, sh*t was getting REAL. 

Let’s just talk about the Jill episode for a hot minute. I knew the instant she arrived because I heard Ginger barking in the lobby and Jill’s familiar voice floating through the office. Moments later she strolled by my desk with Bobby and Ginger. My first thought was, wow, Jill looks amazing! Not that she didn’t look good before, but damn, those liquid facelifts have paid off.

After my initial gut reaction, my mind exploded with questions…What does she think of the new cast? Does she feel awkward being here now that she’s not a Housewife? How is she going to react to our questions? What questions is she going to ask Andy? As it turns out, Andy and Jill had a respectful conversation, and were able to ask and answer the questions all RHONY fans wanted to know. No drinks were thrown, no tables were flipped, but holy moly was it ever an entertaining episode to watch.