Producer's Blog

WWHL's Senior Producer talks about his love/hate relationship for "the devil's headband."

on Oct 11, 2012

The ancient artifact in the photo above was made by Beelzebub himself and sent to Watch What Happens Live straight from the fiery pits of despair that some would call hell. I shall explain. Let me start at the beginning.

My duties as Senior Producer at Watch What Happens Live include a wide variety of responsibilities like web surfing, pretending to pay attention to stuff, more web surfing, and pretending to know things about politics and the world when really I’m just thinking about myself. My hair. My skin. Should I switch to the more abrasive Clarisonic brush? Is Dr. Perricone REALLY a doctor…? Oh and sometimes I drink during the show (only if my duties are light for that evening. Like tonight.) I’m not called upon to do much for Kate Gosselin so, I’m pretending to drink coffee but no. It’s wine in a coffee cup.

However, on nights when I’m called upon to step up, to be the team player I rarely am, to contribute to the zeitgeist of this country by making jokes about tits and wigs -- my role is to stand next to the teleprompter in Andy’s eye line, adding what off-color things I have to offer.