Producer's Blog

WWHL’s production assistant gets in the holiday spirit as he looks back at the festive week that was.

on Dec 14, 2012

Growing up, I was never one for Christmas decoration. It always seemed such a pain in the ass, because, just like winter weight, you put it on, and suddenly you are left with the tedious task of taking it off. However, this being my first Christmas in the Clubhouse, I realize now how rewarding it can be to bring happiness to millions of viewers via sparkling strands of Pier-1 garland and carefully placed Jonathan Adler dreidels littered (and glittered) about the set.  

While adorning the Clubhouse with such festive trinkets, I thought of RHOBH’s Yolanda, and what joy she derived from impressing her guests with ornate décor. And there I was, decorating for the entertainment for America. Better step it up, I thought. WWYD?

With the stockings hung high, and the season’s end nigh, I grew sad to see the Clubhouse prepare to go dark for a few weeks until Season 9. Perhaps I have grown intoxicated from the seasonal cheer, if not the seasonal beer, and I try to take values taught to us from each night of the season’s last week. They are values that pertain not only to the holiday spirit, but also to life as we know it (which, if the Mayans and Kirsten Dunst are right, is only on planet earth—and not for long).