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WWHL's Reseach Associate Producer celebrates our 300th episode with Sonja Morgan, cake, and licking.

on Sep 28, 20120

Happy 300th episode! As I reflect back on all the shows, the late nights, and the amazing talent that have graced our tiny studio, I can’t help but think: my job is better than your job. Okay, maybe not better than everyone else’s job, I’m no astronaut, but it is pretty amazing. Take this week as an example:

On Monday Sonja Morgan signed the wall of our cubicle. After her Clubhouse appearance, she decided to chat it up with some of the WWHL team and thought it was only appropriate to leave a note: “Sonja adds spice to #wwhl and #wwhl adds spice to Sonja." Now every time I need some inspiration, I just have to glance over my shoulder and I am filled with toaster-oven loving, headband wearing, Sonja in the City vibes.




 Anytime the staff is happy and having fun doing what they do, you get the best out of all! Keep up the great work.


Andy love watching you . Think you do a wonderful job as a host/mediator for the housewives.

I have to say Teresa is bringing down the housewives and has made her life the center. Time to focus on Melissa's career, Jacqueline  as a role model for autism ,Kathy and her desserts business and Caroline and get away from this  woman .