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WWHL's Reseach Associate Producer celebrates our 300th episode with Sonja Morgan, cake, and licking.

on Sep 28, 2012

On Wednesday’s WWHL, Tom Colicchio and our TCM finalists played The Quick Fire Lick Fire Challenge.  I am proud to say that my partner in crime, Christie, and I came up with the idea for this game. We started by thinking of all the words that rhymed with quick…brick, tick, wick, LICK!  Licking is funny!  The Quick Fire Lick Fire Challenge was born.  After coming up with the name, we knew it had to be a blindfolded food licking game. (Although I also pitched a version of the game that involved the guests racing to lick alcohol out of a kitty dish. I don’t know why that one was rejected.)

Watching the game play out in rehearsal, which at that point had been tweaked, finessed, and perfected by a team of talented WWHL producers, I couldn’t help but think, how lucky am I to get paid to come up with this stuff?!

In case you missed it, the game was amazing: it was phallic, it was juvenile, it was hysterical, it was so WWHL.