Joanna Garcia-Swisher & Chrissy Teigen

Season 8 | AIRED: Sep 30 11/10c
  • Mazel:  Justin Bieber who b-barfed at his concert last night in Arizona. Mazel to the Biebs because he actually kept going. I knew Justin liked Latin girls, but I had no idea he was so bile-ingual.
  • Jackhole: Arnold Schwarzenegger for further proving that he is indeed a Jackhole, we’ve known it since ‘Eraser’ but on ‘60 Minutes’ tonight he really drove the point home after lying to Maria  Shriver, having a child with his housekeeper, airing it all out in an auto biography, and then claiming he doesn’t  want to talk about certain stuff he wrote. He then sunk to a new low when he made Leslie Stahl ride in his small penis mobile.

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