Aaron Tveit & Ethan Hawke

Season 9 | AIRED: May 29 11/10c
  • Mazel- It goes to Bravo's own James Lipton who celebrated 250 episodes of ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio,’ one of which Ethan wore that shirt for. But James Lipton gets the mazel for recently admitting that before he was going deep with A-Listers he made his living in France, kind of as a pimp, which was apparently totes normal back then. Voila.
  • Jakchole- Michelle Bachmann who announced she will not be running for reelection. This will allow her more time to focus on not liking gay people which is really hard to do with all of those crazy eyes she has-- me too-- in all serious folks, let's say farewell to Michelle by celebrating her greatest contribution to this country.{photo of her eating a giant sausage}


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