Busy Philipps & Al Roker

Season 9 | AIRED: Jan 8 11/10c
  • Mazel- My guest, the brave Al Roker for sharing his sharting story. We’ve all been there, it’s the truth of the matter, but props to him for saying it publicly. To commemorate the moment in history we’re giving Al seven pairs of Mazel boxer shorts. So you have seven days of freshness  and mazel.
  • Jackhole- The representative from Texas who wants to pass a law requiring strippers to wear identification showing their legal name instead of using fake stripper names. Ok, first of all, stripper names are an art. Where would we be if NeNe had been known as Linnethia Monique Johnson and not Silk, which was her stripper name. Second of all, it’s not a big deal because 90% of them are named Crystal anyway, but good luck.

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