Cynthia Bailey & NeNe Leakes

Season 9 | AIRED: Mar 3 11/10c
  • Mazel- Queen alert! Mazel to one of my favorite queens, Queen Elizabeth of England. She was struck down with some stomach mess.  Nothing gets a queen down like a royal case of the trots. Don’t queen out, Liz, you will feel better soon, you Queen!
  • Jackhole- Justin Bieber. I mean, he was kinda whining on Twitter after his circus birthday party was ruined due to a minor scuffle with security. Ok, now this inspired a lot of Tweets, like one from Dr. Ruth - who smacked him down: she said she recalled a truly bad birthday when she almost had her legs blown off in a bomb blast. You may not have had a circus birthday party, Justin Beiber, but at least you have your legs!

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