Eve & Nigella Lawson

Season 9 | AIRED: Feb 12 11/10c
  • Mazel- 102 Desiline Victor who on the last presidential election day went to the polls where they told her she’d have to wait  in line up to six hours to vote. And you know what? She did it. The good news is her guy won and she was President Obama’s guest at the State of the Union tonight. I love America. We’ll ignore the fact she had to wait six hours to vote but she got to go to the State of the Union!
  • Jackhole- Speaker John Boehner who couldn’t even stand up for 102 Desiline Victor. Ok so it’s just like I said on Sunday when Chris Brown stayed in his seat for Frank Ocean at the Grammy’s, the only reason you don’t stand is because you have a boner, Boehner.

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