Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jake Owen

Season 9 | AIRED: Mar 7 11/10c
  • Mazel- These four Florida citizens who were arrested on an alleged drug possession charges for allegedly hiding them in very creative places. Now, they’re getting the Mazel because listen to how ingenious this is. One of them, supposedly, hid morphine pills in her bra, another  a hypodermic needle in her butt, and coke in someone’s prosthetic leg. So just Mazel to their ingenuity. Of course that was a joke, people. 
  • Jackhole- Whoever made the decision to close the Rawhide, which has been a staple late night bar here in Chelsea. Now we just heard that the Rawhide’s going to close it’s doors at the end of the month, this is an outrage! We’ve been stumbling into the Rawhide for years! Now where are we supposed to go for late night, blackout, drunken nights with strippers, beer, and poppers, Angela Lansbury’s house!? R.I.P the Rawhide!

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