Melissa Rauch & Jillian Michaels

Season 9 | AIRED: Feb 13 11/10c
  • Mazel- Kelli Higgins, who when her adopted 13 year old son Latrell lamented the fact that he had no baby pictures of himself, she did something about it. Those photos went viral today. Lump in your throat alert! She wrote, ‘Here’s my sweet, not so little, newborn. His name is Latrell and he weighs 112lbs.” Is it weird that I might want to pay that mom to swaddle me and take a few pics?  Call me, Kelli, I’ll bring my own milk. 
  • Jackhole- The Holley Fire Department in New York because this Saturday they’re holding their seventh annual ‘Squirrel Slam’ where they’re awarding prizes for the heaviest squirrels anyone can shoot. It’s kinda gross, but I think the fear of being squirrel murdered might lead chubbier squirrels to develop eating disorders. They’re going to throw up their nuts!

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