Rachel Maddow & Lil Jon

Season 9 | AIRED: May 1 11/10c
  • Mazel- Thirteen-year-old Justin Weed: The youngest person to ever win the Dallas International Guitar Festival's Best Player Under 20... Junior Gingey Guitar God! Yes!! I always wondered what Ron Weasely's cooler American cousin would be like. Way to go, Justin Weed. I love your name but I can't tell you why for five more years, in Colorado. I'll meet you there.
  • Jakchole- The peanut heads at Fox & Friends. Obviously, I love a stupid TV segment more than anyone, but today they had a contest to see who could parallel park better: men or women. Is it 1906 right now? Is Gretchen Carlson even allowed to be on the show during her menses? Or does Steve Doucey make her hide in a cave until her uterus has expelled all its powerful bad spirits? Gretchen Carlson: I think you're better than that. Call me maybe.



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