Sarah Silverman

Season 9 | AIRED: Mar 12 11/10c
  • Mazel- The woman who really has the deadliest crotch, her name is Tatiana Kozhevnikova. She claims she has the world’s strongest vagina, my mom is going to hate the show tonight, which she uses to lift things. {CLIP} I have to start remembering to do my kegels. 
  • Jackhole- When you take a TV production on the road, it’s important to look into local laws and today’s Jackhole goes to a couple ones ya’ll still have on the books in Texas. Ok, first of all, did you know it’s illegal to sell your own eye here? I don’t even know how you would even do that but I was thinking of selling my wonky one and getting a new one and bringing it back to New York but now I can’t do that. And apparently homosexual conduct is also illegal in Texas. I kinda wish someone would have told me that four days ago.

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