Shirley Manson & Becca Tobin

Season 9 | AIRED: Mar 21 11/10c
  • Mazel- The Internet! If the Internet loves anything besides porn, it’s kittens and goats. Now those things, minus the porn, have been combined in Pickles the kitten who meows like a goat. He meows like a goat!! That being said, what’s next, a goat that meows and makes pickle porn? It’s a slippery slope people.
  • Jackhole- The Russian bears who have taken to huffing gasoline and passing out. Literally, this is happening in Russia! Now, this is exactly why they shouldn’t shut down The Rawhide in Chelsea, bears need a place to huff poppers in private, not in an open Russian field. It’s just not safe. Save The Rawhide!


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