Due to questionable activity we’ve been experiencing with the account over the past few weeks, we’ve decided to retire the Twitter handle and end the weekly contest. We have evidence of multiple people accessing the account past their tenure as Bravoholic, and since we cannot pinpoint the source of this activity, we have no choice but to deactivate the account.

We want to express our most heartfelt THANK YOU for your support of @TheBravoholic program. When we concepted this program back in January '13, we had a small idea of how awesome our “Holics” are (and could be) as our social correspondents, but never imagined the amazing, hilarious, and yes, sometimes a little crazy, program that this would turn into. This is ALL due to their passion and creativity.

Please keep the spirit of the "Bravoholic program" going and continue to chat with our cast members and Bravo on @Bravotv.

All the best,
The Bravo Team