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Latest Clips

    • Stroking with the Warwick Rowers
    • S11/E200: Padma Lakshmi and Olivia Munn play a game that involves blindfolds, bananas, and four young men from Warwick Rowing’s Men’s Naked Calendar. Need we say more? (02:15)
    • Padma Spills the THC on Susan Sarandon
    • S11/E200: Move over Cheech & Chong! Padma Lakshmi and Susan Sarandon might be the entertainment industry’s coolest pothead duo, as revealed by Padma herself. (01:02)
    • Shag, Marry, Kill: ‘Downton’ Edition
    • S11/E199: After being prompted by a caller, Hugh Bonneville must answer the most dire of WWHL questions: of three of the female characters from “Downton Abbey,” who would he shag, marry, and kill? (00:48)
    • Are Hugh and DVF Nostalgic?
    • S11/E199: Hugh Bonneville and Diane von Fürstenberg discuss what they miss from the past and whether or not they are nostalgic for the behavior and nuances of yesteryear. (00:59)
    • DVF on the High Line
    • S11/E199: Fashion Mogul and philanthropist Diane von Fürstenberg discusses the contributions that she and husband Barry Diller have made towards the High Line park in New York City. (00:57)