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Latest Clips

    • How’d NeNe & Kim Make Up?
    • S11/EP196: NeNe Leakes of #RHOA and Kim Biermann of “Don’t Be Tardy” share how they were able to reconcile their differences. (00:47)
    • After Show: The Warhol Diaries
    • S11/EP195: Andy Cohen discusses the recently re-released “Andy Warhol Diaries” with its editor, our guest bartender, Pat Hackett. (07:14)
    • Deepak on Michael Jackson
    • S11/EP195: Deepak Chopra cites the late Michael Jackson as the most spiritual person with whom he has ever worked, and even received a voicemail from the pop star the day before his untimely death. (01:12)
    • Amy & Deepak Agree to Disagree
    • S11/EP195: Andy gives Amy Sedaris and Deepak Chopra some of life’s little hurdles and asks for their advice on how to overcome them. Spoiler alert: They don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. (02:25)
    • Does Deepak Chopra Watch Porn?
    • S11/EP195: Deepak Chopra may be a spiritual guru, but can he be a superficial guru? Andy Cohen grills Deepak with a series of super shallow questions to find out. (01:29)