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Latest Clips

    • Sonja Defends Her Toaster Oven
    • S11/E81: Sonja Morgan wasn't there for Heather's dinner, but somehow she still became the topic of conversation. Now she gets 20 seconds to defend herself and her beloved toaster oven. (02:30)
    • After Show: Robin Quivers A Narcissist?
    • S11/E80: Part I: Dr. Drew Pinsky discusses his quarrel with radio personality Robin Quivers stemming from her results from a narcissism test used in his book “The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism is Seducing America.” (04:11)
    • After Show: Tom Sizemore’s Success
    • S11/E80: Part II: Dr. Drew Pinsky talks about the biggest success story from VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab;” Tamra Judge says three nice things about RHOC’s most notorious man, Brooks Ayers. (03:14)
    • After Show: Marriage And Reality TV
    • S11/E80: Part III: Andy Cohen, Tamra Judge, and Dr. Drew Pinsky examine the success rate of marriages (or the lack thereof) under the scrutinizing eyes of reality TV cameras. (05:30)
    • The County of Condescension
    • S11/E80: Tamra Judge dishes on the current state of her friendship with castmate Heather Dubrow, while Dr. Drew Pinsky says which woman he believes to be “condescending.” (01:14)
    • WWDDD? What Would Dr. Drew Do!
    • S11/E80: Which OC Housewife has an intimacy issue? Which one has a “stick up her ass?” Andy gives Dr. Drew Pinsky current RHOC situations and the doctor shares his professional perspectives. (01:24)