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Latest Clips

    • Lez Be Honest
    • S11/EP156: Melissa Etheridge gives her take on everything from “The View” to George Clooney’s marriage and even Pumpkin Spice, saying, “I think Pumpkin Spice is a lesbian staple!” (01:36)
    • Melissa on David Crosby
    • S11/EP156: Andy Cohen has questions for Melissa Etheridge about her reveal that musician David Crosby is the biological father of her kids, including how she chose him and what the kids call David! (01:08)
    • Melissa Dishes on Brangelina
    • S11/EP156: Melissa Etheridge wants viewers to know that her former comments on Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy were not meant to be mean, but she still wouldn’t call the actresses decision “brave.” (01:24)