"Avo-Cat-O or Guaca-Meow-Le?" Cat Has More Costumes Up Her Sleeve

Willow the Squishy Cat is not a one-trick kitty!

Willow the Squishy Cat has a crazy history: she was the mother cat for a breeder (bad!), and lived with a hoarder (worse!!!). Thankfully, she was rescued by a kind soul, and she now lives in a happy, cozy forever home. What’s more: her doting owner has found Willow tremendous social media success (to the tune of 11.1K Instagram followers).

Willow recently had A Moment when a picture of her dressed as an “avo-cat-o or guacoa-meow-le” went viral. But it seems to us that the internet is overlooking her many other achievements in costuming. Behold, Willow’s greatest hits from Halloween 2016:


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