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Tearing Up

Episode 10:'s Assistant Editor sheds a tear in true 'Work of Art' style as we say adieu to Season 2.

After a season full of tears and... well more tears, Kymia was crowned the winner. Before getting into all the finale fun, if you're having some serious Work of Art withdrawal, we've got one last treat for you -- blooper reel! Enjoy all the best outtakes from Season 2 including pillow hats, background malfunctions while naked, and Simon playing pranks on the artists. 


The artists all really managed to transform themselves and their styles for the finale (Sara quite literally). But before they reached the gallery, Simon had some pretty blunt criticisms for all three, which luckily led to some amazing results. 

Did anyone else find it strange that they all had cute boyfriends and cute apartments? I imagine artists holed up in a studio being solitary and thinking deep thoughts, too focused on creating a masterpiece to be bothered by mundane concerns. But then again that's just my romantic vision of the starving artist. work-of-art-season-2-gallery-rate-the-wo

Kymia sailed away with the victory due to her deeply detailed drawings. The dream-inspired boat she drew was a hit with all the judges. I have to say, I'm a big fan of her somewhat mythological, fairy tale-esque creations. Her exhibit had such a great creepy but not too creepy vibe. Yay Kymia! Now she can move out of her in-laws' apartment (I think this must secretly be the best part about winning the prize money for her.)

I think my favorite three pieces of the show were Kymia's boat drawing, Sara's crane sculpture (that piece was so striking!), and Young's shrine. All three of the artists' exhibits had their own distinct and interesting vibe (despite the fact that they all dealt with death). And since Young and Sara had already won some sizable amounts of prize money throughout the competition, I think all three made out just fine.