Bill Powers

Bill didn't have a problem with Michelle and Lola encouraging viewers to put stickers on the other artists' work.

on Nov 16, 2011

Kymia needed to chill out about Michelle and Lola messing with their mural -- and let's be clear -- that's what all of these creations are. There's no such thing as authorized grafitti. This bit of tension offered up the biggest opportunity for conversation tonight. If the challenge was street art, then Lola had every right to proliferate her imagery as she saw fit. May the best champagne bottle win! Tag or be tagged. Complaining that the stickers could peel off some of your paint before the judges can see the work is completely unrealistic to me. And in a weird way unsportsman-like, I hate to say it.

I liked Lee's observation about the dripping paint mimicking real tree roots, and I remembered how Shirin Neshat once told me how any Iranian you meet in the West is an exile. I suppose an alien in a way because they can never go home again. They are people who must be content or proud or conflicted to drag their ancestry in their wake.