Bill Powers

Bill thinks Michelle should have gone with the steamed-up window piece.

on Nov 30, 2011

In retrospect I wish we had given Dusty more credit for his tire tread text speaking to the commuter nightmare. And if only Michelle had shown her steamed-up car windows, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have gone home.

Young's robot went limp on the wall for me when I saw the episode on TV. In person the scale of it -- slightly larger than life -- helped save his work from elimination. I agree with Jerry that Lola has invented a new style of drawing unique to her hand, but it gets muddled when she throws in everything but the kitchen sink -- make that car battery -- during these challenges. Sara's muffler of solitude had me Googling the word "sublimation," but it was too hard to work that into our discussion. How cool that a pair of skinned car seats could operate as stand-ins for a father and daughter road trip? What a strange leap of logic to make when Sarah K. declared, "That's me and my dad." Almost brought me to tears, probably because it felt so sincere.