Bill Powers

Bill points out the humor in doing a challenge about "bad taste" and laments the fact that no one chose the saxophone playing bear.

on Oct 12, 2011

How ironic that the first challenge on a reality TV show about art attempts to tackle the idea of "poor taste." And what an honor to have Mary Ellen Mark as our first guest judge. I always look forward to seeing her portraits in The New Yorker. Plus, we never have enough female artists on as guest judges.

Congratulations to Michelle for winning week one with her outdoorsy still life. I love the way that the fragility of the paper echoes the fragility of man in her installation. In the past Michelle has assisted two of my favorite artists (Josephine Meckseper and Marilyn Minter), so it was nice to see her in the mix. As Jerry Saltz might respond, "That's the art world, baby." It's a small, small world.