Bill Powers

Bill points out the humor in doing a challenge about "bad taste" and laments the fact that no one chose the saxophone playing bear.

on Oct 12, 2011

Sara's woman being slow roasted was oddly captivating and reminded me of Baudelaire's famous observation that strangeness is a pre-requisite of beauty. Her palette shares a sensibility with the twin Brazilian street artists Os Gemeos, and I mean that as a compliment.

Lola's deconstruction of a thrift store landscape had a poetic title, but the visuals did little for me personally, and as is my problem with a lot of found object art, it was overly reliant on the viewer's interpretation. I do however respect her vision.

To Ugo, I'm sorry I said I felt like I was looking at elevator music, but I stand by my Picasso paraphrasing about great artists stealing. How cool that even after he got sent home, Ugo was still thinking about ways he could make his painting stronger by eliminating the background noise.