Bill Powers

Bill doesn't think Jerry came off all that menacing in that toggle sweater.

on Nov 2, 2011

The Sucklord went all Terence Malick on us with his Tree of Life this week. I remember telling him that you can't be in a cover band forever. Eventually you have to start writing your own material. Nice to hear Jerry quoting Pulp Fiction, but I'm not sure it is physically possible to go medieval on someone while you're wearing a toggle sweater. D'oh!

Dusty's combine sculpture really was an advent calendar as a visual biography. Being a grade school art teacher, I think his background helped him connect with his subject in this challenge. The nose was giving me little hits of Baldessari and the braces were wonderfully weird.

I stand by my assertion that the "GROW" floor sculpture read like a public service announcement and am still baffled by The Sucklord's defense of it.