Bill Powers

Bill doesn't think Jerry came off all that menacing in that toggle sweater.

on Nov 2, 20110

I wish we could have heard more about Sara's topsy-turvy childhood. It was quite heartbreaking, although I agree that this was a case where someone was too close to their work to convey their story compellingly.

Young's Pantone bird sculpture felt like it flew the coup from a Cirque du Soleil set, but he lives on to flap another day...

Do Art
Do Art

Hi Bill

You were very gracious and smart to redirect the critique when Sara was having her emotional moments. She was clearly in great pain. It is obvious that the subject matter is ripe for her to do more with it as it feels like she has barely scratched the surface, which I hope she will, whether one Work of Art or not.

I am mystified as to why Tewz did not use any of his own techniques in any of the competitions. I get trying new methods/techniques but surely he could have effectively utilized some of his own style and techniques. I see others using what they know (Bayete for instance with the videos) and not feeling like they have to completely throw away what they are best at. It was a disappointment because I would have liked to have seen what Tewz would have done with the street art episode.

I also felt like Lola gave up and just took an easy out with her flowers.

Loved Dusty's piece--especially the eye and mouth. And Kymia's drawing and drawing that story out of that child was astounding. Fun show.

viewer leah
viewer leah

loving your reference to Hirst's quote about starting off as artists as children. Anyone know where I can find that full quote?