Bill Powers

Bill thinks the secrets written on Lola's piece transformed it into an "achingly sincere" piece.

on Dec 7, 2011

Watching Sara make her exquisite watercolor portraits, I thought of Ai Weiwei, who was a street artist in Times Square in the 1980s or the time I got a Dana Schutz charcoal drawing of me done at a block party fundraiser for $20. They're fast and fun and almost always draw a crowd of spectators. Young, Dusty, and Sarah K. went too deep into merchandising world to hold my interest, but Lola and Kymia both pleasantly surprised me.

Now it's easy to dismiss Lola for going full frontal as yet another cheap reality TV ploy for attention, however the text scrolled over her body felt achingly sincere. "I'm loyal but not all the time." I mean, that can be a hard thing to admit about yourself. During the crits, I quoted my friend Sean Landers who has said, "Unless I'm doing something potentially humiliating, I don't feel like I'm pushing myself as an artist." I'm sure Lola could relate to that this week.