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Do You Believe in Magic?

Episode 7:'s Assistant Editor thinks Lola should have cast a spell to keep anyone from being eliminated this week.

Ooo, ooo, witchy woman, see how high she flies! Sorry I couldn't help it. So besides growing up with Al Pacino, we now also learn that Lola is a witch? I honestly can't imagine what else we'll learn about her before the end of the season. Is she also the lost Olsen triplet? Did she once go to a champagne brunch with Gina Davis, Anne Rice, and Tweet? The possibilities are endless at this point.

And at least Kymia can breathe easy, because as Lola specified, she's a good witch. So I guess we won't see rogue tiger penis stickers affixing themselves magically to other people's work. work-of-art-season-2-gallery-rate-the-wo

This week's challenge was to create a work of art using the pieces from a Fiat 500 (embodied quite well by Young's Frankenstein-esque robot creature). It was an interesting challenge in that all of the artists started off really stoked and full of really strong ideas right from the get-go. But once Simon came in to share some mentor wisdom, three of the seven remaining artists scrapped their projects completely and created entirely new pieces (to varying, but mostly not-so-great results). work-of-art-season-2-gallery-rate-the-wo

I have to say I was feeling like Michelle's sad car when she was sent home. Those paper sculptures she does are so cool! And she had two other pieces that she could have gone with! I thought both the fetishistic window licker and the fogged-up car windows were so cool. I would have been interested to see how either of them would have held up in the gallery. Alas, hindsight is 20/20. We've definitely reached the point of the competition where it's hard to see anyone go home at all.

P.S. Why didn't Lola use some of her witchy ways and have no one be eliminated? Perhaps she left her spell book at home.Next week the artists are takin' it to the streets... again! Only this time they're selling their art.