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Eye of the Tiger Penis

Episode 6:'s Assistant Editor would really like a set of Lola and Michelle's sexy tiger stickers.

Well the time has finally come for the Sucklord to take his leave of the competition. He had a good run, and I think everyone will miss the kooky toymaker. Who would have guessed that he would also be the resident ladies man? Who will Simon address as "your lordship?" Who will educate us on Lord of the Rings lore? Alas! Like every good super villain, in the end he was defeated.

But to fill the Sucklord shaped hole in your heart, enjoy this little compilation of his best moments: work-of-art-season-2-gallery-rate-the-wo

This week's challenge was chaotic, much like Michelle and Lola's wild tiger sex party. But rather than sexy, the workroom was more somber. This was due to the Mean Girls moment when Michelle and Lola ignored Kymia. Shocking, I know, but tears were shed. At this point I'm waiting for one of the artists to create a work using all the tears shed during the competition. Not quite sure how someone would pull it off, but hey, you'd save on supplies. work-of-art-season-2-gallery-rate-the-wo

In the end Young and Dusty's piece carried off the win (and the prize money). Like I said last week, Young is really racking up the prizes here. If he keeps winning he'll just end up with the grand prize money before even reaching the final challenge. But yay for Dusty, because you could tell he was crushed he didn't take home the win last week.

Kymia and Sara must have felt pretty vindicated when they ended up on the top and Lola and Michelle were in the bottom two. I wonder if they resisted the urge to tell the tiger penis team to suck it? But the sticker sisters stuck around and the Sucklord was sent packing for his maze idea. Sarah better step it up next week though, because I think the judges have a close eye on her now after being in the bottom two weeks in a row. Next week Work of Art is taking a pre-Thanksgiving break, but we're back the following week and the artists get ready to pimp their ride piece.