Jerry Saltz

Jerry defends the show and laments how short he appears on TV.

on Oct 13, 2011

The show opens with the artists' meeting one another at what our glamorous host China Chow always calls "the world famous Brooklyn Museum of Art." (Every time she says that "world famous" I get the heebie-jeebies.) Then I think about how inept I'd be at meeting thirteen other artists, knowing we were all going to be living and working together and competing for $100,000. In this week's challenge, each artist chooses a work from a bunch of thrift-store paintings and kitschy stuff and is told to keep one part of the work and then transform it into "a piece worthy of being seen in an art gallery." As I've seen so much art in New York galleries that's far from "worthy of being seen," I think this is a good challenge to begin with.

Next we're treated to scenes in the studio of the artists running, working, worrying, cutting, painting, printing, and fretting. I love these scenes, maybe because they mirror my anxieties as I watch the show. I must admit I am appalled that Lola, whose piece I totally loved, cries when her work is simply questioned by Simon. Artists can be such babies!