Jerry Saltz

Jerry shares his experience with Spanx.

on Nov 10, 2011

Any of the three artists selected for the negative crits could have been sent home this week. Maybe all three. Sucklord says, “I can’t phone in another turkey or I’m finished.” The piece of poultry Mr. Lord delivers this time, like the one he turned in last week, starts magically. He fashions an oversize wooden newspaper with rectangles cut out to show an oil spill. It perfectly captures the way the news about the BP oil spill just kept oozing out of the media. Of course, the risk-averse non-artist in Sucklord scraps this potential winner for an idiotic pile of wooden dollar bills that he wraps in, I kid you not, the New York Times because, as he reasons, the Times is somehow complicit in the oil spill. I imagine 55 conspiracy theorists in our audience perking up, and hundreds of thousands of other viewers vowing to quit the show if Lola hooks up with Sucklord.

Also in the bottom three is Sarah K., who’s never had a crit before. As is also true in art school, this can mean one of two things. She’s so good that she hasn’t needed any guidance. Or, as in this case, as the cast gets smaller, her flaws are becoming more noticeable. One teeny text-collage fragment within her work had psychic-visual compression and density. She added so many other elements that the piece just came off as busy hands guided by a buzzing mind. A dangerous combination.