Simon de Pury

Simon didn't envy the judges this week.

on Dec 2, 2011

Michelle was the first artist I started my studio visit with. Seeing no parts of the cars being used at this stage but mostly balloons arranged in a fun way prompted me to comment that it looked more like a work in answer to the children's challenge. When I saw the exhibition I was sad to see that she had started from scratch to produce a work that was clearly less good than what she was initially working on. It is only watching the episode that I realized she had also been working on the steamy windows of the car. That work showed true promise, and I was even sadder that she did not select that work for the gallery show. During the POP challenge she had chosen to ignore my comments that her idea with the Coke can was not very original. She went with it nevertheless, but it did land her in the bottom group. Maybe it is that experience that made her less sure of herself this time. So when Young told her to go with the 'Herbie' project, she followed his advice.