Simon de Pury

Simon felt like he was coming back from summer vacation for the filming of Season 2.

on Oct 12, 2011

It was a wonderful and at the same time also slightly odd feeling to get back to filming for Season 2 of Work of Art. I was very happy to see my colleagues again from Season 1. China Chow was as radiant as ever and is an outstanding host. She oozes charm and is an artist magnet in real life. She is totally implicated in the show and takes the elimination of every artist very much to heart. Jerry Saltz is at the top of his form for this new season. His sharp judgment is both feared and respected by the contestants. Bill Powers conveys his passion for contemporary art and has a killer sound bite for every situation. I do very much miss Jeanne Greenberg this season, but I do look forward seeing her as a guest judge in future episodes. It also is a pleasure to work again with the highly professional teams of Magical Elves and Pretty Matches. As I do have a fairly busy life in between, I feel it is like centuries ago that we were filming Season 1. So I felt a little bit like coming back to school after a very long summer break.