Simon de Pury

Simon felt like he was coming back from summer vacation for the filming of Season 2.

on Oct 12, 2011

I loved the video that Bayete had done for the casting of the two Bayetes debating with each other whether they should participate in the competition. He picked possibly the "schlockiest'" object amongst all the "schlock" the contestants had to choose from. When I visited him during my first studio visit, I was intrigued by the juxtaposition of the additional head while also worried he might just add too much and make it too busy. That worry sadly came true when I saw his final work in the exhibition. It demonstrates every artist's dilemma , whether fine or merely mediocre, to know when to stop a work.

Kymia took a very anodyne looking object and transformed it into a fairly spooky but most intriguing looking object. With each challenge I try to ask myself which of all the works I would possibly wish to own if I was offered the chance. I did this little game when my children were small and I was taking them to museums. Having to pick one work really forced them to think which was their favorite and taught them how to look. With this challenge Kymia's "reworked" sculpture would be the one I would choose. It is a little bit like a bad song that was remixed and or reinterpreted into a much better one.

Sarah's watercolor was very consistent with the type of work she had shown during the initial casting. She used the sculpture that she picked as inspiration for a good work in her own very personal signature style. The combination between the gruesome subject matter and the somewhat naïve and child like drawing and coloring makes it quite powerful.