Simon de Pury

Simon reveals which artists he thinks are the most fun to watch.

on Oct 19, 2011

As a mentor the sole contact I have with the contestants is during my studio visits and during the gallery openings. It is only when actually watching the episodes that you can better discover their personalities. On that front it is Lola and the Sucklord who so far provide the best entertainment and are most fun to watch.

Kathryn tries to get out of her comfort zone by utilizing video to do her work, even if stylistically it is very close to the work she did for episode one. It is when seeing her reaction to criticism, that one realizes how brave all these artists are to submit themselves to being filmed around the clock and produce works within very tight time constraints and with little sleep. On top of that Kathryn had to deal with severe health issues. My full respect goes out to her. I actually very much liked the work she did for episode one. It was powerful when hanging on the wall of the gallery show.  While her subject matter may be gruesome, there is a sort of formal appeal in it not unlike what you can experience when seeing some works by Thomas Hirschhorn.


It was a particular pleasure to see Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn back as a judge in this episode. In real life she has proven her gift in spotting the great future talents well ahead of the game. It is easy to do so later once a consensus has begun to build.