Simon de Pury

Simon just coudn't resist spray painting China's dress along with the artists.

on Nov 16, 2011

The shooting of this episode took place at one of my favorite spots in New York. The view from there onto the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, and Manhattan is totally spectacular. The building, the facade of which the remaining eight contestants were asked to cover with pieces of street art, is filled with many artists' studios. I have always enjoyed my studio visits there, outside of the context of this competition, as both its position and view are so dramatic. You feel you are in a movie set of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. The noise level there is very high due to the trains that constantly go over the bridge. This is the reason why in this episode I had to scream even louder than I am already doing normally when addressing the contestants. I admire the sound technicians at Magical Elves and Pretty Matches who did miracles in producing an audible soundtrack for it. It certainly made any conversations with the four teams difficult, and I am not surprised to see that the crits took place back at the artists' studio.

The pairing of the eight artists into four teams was left entirely to fate, since it is the color inside of each spray can that determined who would work with whom. Seeing all artists being allowed to spray China Chow's beautiful white dress made me so envious that I simply could not resist the temptation of adding my own sprayed doodles onto it!