Simon de Pury

Simon just coudn't resist spray painting China's dress along with the artists.

on Nov 16, 2011

Coincidence paired the authors of the two best works from the fifth episode, Young and Dusty. The disappointment of Dusty of missing victory in the newspaper challenge by a whisker was palpable. This time he must have felt, “If you can't beat them, join them.” The pairing worked extremely well since they did a work that was powerful, profound and ideally adapted to street art. I am very happy for Dusty that he could secure the $15,000 portion of the victory premium. The contestants this year have an advantage over the ones of last year. There was no prize money to be won in some of the individual episodes back then. The one who by far is benefiting the most of the more generous incentives this season is Young, who has already won $35,000, a double page spread in Entertainment Weekly, and has one of his pieces displayed at the New York Times headquarters.

Sara and Kymia also produced a strong work for this episode. Their respective styles are not totally unrelated and the wall piece they made for this challenge about uprooting worked very well. The guest judge, Lee Quinones, one of the historical pioneers of street art, was well qualified to judge the works in this challenge.