The Brush Off

Episode 5:'s Assistant Editor applauds Bayete's work for its use of 'Sister Act' (but not for its "whackness").

Nov 10, 2011

Lola's piece lent itself fairly well to summing up this week's challenge. The artists are battling it out this week using newspaper headlines ripped from the New York Times. Many of the artists came out guns blazing and bursting with ideas until it came to the actual execution. Young's first idea to use bleach on the newspaper to erase the text didn't quite pan out. Wisely he scrapped that and took a completely different route.

Bayete on the other hand also had some construction issues with his door piece, but he stuck with it (which unfortunately didn't work out for him in the end).

And oh the Sucklord... He just can't seem to find his way. Simon was skeptical about his piece so he tossed it and came up with something completely different. His heart just didn't seem to be in this one, and I couldn't help thinking that if he had found a headline that jived with him a little better (why didn't he hit the arts and entertainment section?!) he would have produced a better piece.