The Brush Off

Episode 5:'s Assistant Editor applauds Bayete's work for its use of 'Sister Act' (but not for its "whackness").

Nov 10, 2011

Kymia's weighty coffin captured the bottom three artists this week. But before we get into that, yay for Young! He's really cleaning up recently, so I've got my eye on him.

But back to the less successful pieces. Sarah's had some visual interest in the small text part at the top right, so it really came down to the Sucklord and Bayete. Neither of them could completely get behind their piece to defend it, which is the kiss of death. But after Bayete himself admitted the "whackness" of his work, it was pretty clear that he would be the one to go. But major props for bringing Sister Act into the mix, Bayete! Deloris van Cartier salutes you for your valiant effort.