Andre Riley

Andre explains how the group has evolved since the first season.

on Mar 20, 2007



Since the first season, I've been able to add to my list of VIP clients. Business is extremely good. I get noticed no matter what gym I decide to workout at, but I am used to it by now. So that's definitely been a big change. I have to say that seeing myself on television kinda sucks because I think I look better in person. It's still funny to turn on a Bravo rerun and see myself, it seems surreal sometimes. I am like, "Wow, is that really me?" -- and I just laugh.


It seems as though most fans seem to think that I am the only genuine trainer on the show other than Jackie. Most questions I get are about my other cast members like "What is Jackie like? or "What size boobs does Erika have...etc etc." The most amazing thing about this first episode, is that Mimi is still in the picture and Jackie hasn't called it quits with her. So many have seen that relationship to be self-destructive and it's still going on.