Andre Riley

What does Andre think of Jackie and Rebecca's relationship? Find out!

on Apr 4, 2007



Jackie and Rebbeca -- what can I say? I'm not too fond of my boss hanging out with Rebecca. This is a lose-lose situation, maybe for both parties. But the reality of it is they are two adults, and two adults should be able to do what they want. Gregg and Zen -- my brotha was looking for support from Zen and literally got none. I do understand the legal system just as much as Zen but sometimes you just have to be there for someone who you consider a friend. Zen -- great comedy act babe, you killed it and smoked it. Keep doing what you love to do. I was so scared she was going to say something that would infuriate me.



Doug and Lori, what a great paring for Skylab. Jackie couldn' t have connected two better people than those two. Doug -- you the man. I wish I could be more like ya. Got the Skylab ball rolling with teaching our clients how to cook and prepare healthy organic foods. It's really amazing to be a part of something that has the potential to be big. Changing lives one day at a time -- that's what Skysport and Skylab is all about.