Part Of Something Special

Andre reflects on his second season journey.

The journey of the 2nd season of Work Out finally comes to a end with our reunion special. Throughout all the laughter and tears I must say that am lucky to have been a part of something so special. Thanks to everyone who emailed questions to all of us on the SkySport staff, without you there would be no Work Out. I must say that I am really happy with the growth of myself and all the trainers this year at Sky. Jackie reconnecting with her Mom was special; Zen still in search of her perfecct man; Brain finds true love and becomes the man I knew he was; Erika came out of her shell and showed us all how beautiful she is inside and out; Gregg accepts Zen as a friend and moves on to the real love of his life ... music; Rebbeca is still Rebbeca with a lil' hot sauce added; Jesse, his future is in spice and sage and it looks like his star is going to shine bright soon; Doug he meant so much to me as you all could tell, rarely do you bond with someone (especially me) in a short period of time but Doug was inhuman and extraordinary. He taught how to be a better person and I will miss him each day of the rest of my life.

And me, I am just Andre, the man from the south who represents everyone out there who just loves people. Nothing matters to me gender, race, color, religion ... nothing, I judge each person individually and being a part of our dsyfunctional family has confirmed that it should be that way. I can honestly say that I learn something each and everyday from all of my family at skysport and season 2 of Work Out made me realize how truly blessed I am. As our journey continues off camera make sure yours does also see you all at the gym...