Erika Jacobson

Erika reflects back on Doug's birthday party.

on Apr 10, 2007



I wish I got as much action as Jackie! I would be one lucky girl. I do think it is kinda awkward that Jackie is dating both Rebecca and Tiffany. I don't know how either one of them can deal. I have to admit, I have a jealous streak and to see the guy I am dating, let alone my boss, dating someone else, I would go crazy! It just would not work and there would be some SERIOUS drama in that gym. I really don't care who Jackie dates, and I really don't think it is the trainers' business either. I would tell them to butt out of my business or get out of the gym. Whatever makes people happy.


However, looking back at my birthday party is not a very happy experience. I am so glad that I got to kiss Doug and smear icing on his face. It was a terrible, terrible shock to find out that he went into the hospital. I am just glad that I got to hug him before he left.