Greg Plitt

Greg talks Sky Sport, Jackie's clothing line, and Mother's Day!

on Apr 29, 2008


First and foremost, I apologize for my tardiness in my delayed response to the blog. I am new this year and new to the blog system, but now on board and willing to answer any questions that one might have. To start out, let me say what an honor it has been to be apart of Sky Sport! The people I have met and continue to meet on a daily basis is the real high for me. To have a job where you aid someone in transforming themselves physically which leads to a parallel transformation in their confidence, aura, and general being in both a physical state as well as a mental perception fulfills me in ways that words cannot describe. Working with someone to bring out the best in them is such a positive motivation that not only bleeds through them, but also into all that surrounds them as everyone is inspired and grows in strength. It truly is an honor for me and I have learned so much from so many people, with hopes that I have been able to give back to fellow co-workers and clients in the same manner. Everyone on the show started as strangers and now I am blessed to call them friends and family!